New Swedish rules for national shipping

From 1 June 2017, new rules apply for professional use of vessels in Sweden. If your ship is longer than 15 meters or has a capacity for more than 12 passengers, you are affected by the new rules from 1 April, 2018.

The rules are function-based, which means that instead of telling exactly how to do something, the rules speak about what to achieve.

The Swedish Transport Agency issued new function based regulations concerning Swedish domestic shipping in June 2017. The regulations will be implemented in three steps until April 2019. The specific date for when the amended regulation will be put in force for a specific ship depends on the size and passenger capacity of the vessel. On April 1, 2018 the new regulations will be enforced for vessels with a longer than 15 meters and vessels capable of transporting more than 12 passengers.

More information in regarding the regulations is available in Swedish on our website