Managing Media in Crisis Situations

Today, news is spreading within minutes after any event of importance. For a company whose good reputation is at stake it is important to meet the demand for quick response and correct information.

If your company is in focus of an event, especially if the event is some type of accident with high degree of public interest, you had better have a strategy in place for managing the media.

It is recommended to be prepared and have contingency planning for managing media and your organization should be able to prepare information to quickly make a good statement. Successful media management is created by focusing on a main message with the most important and relevant information to convey in the current situation. Express compassion, promise that the situation is handled and try to bring the news forward by focusing on what will be the next step.

Alandia Marine is planning for separate seminars on this subject. If you or your company is interested in attending, you may contact us and we will keep you updated on when and where there will be an opportunity.