Alandia Marine monthly advise. Navigating in winter – Winter operation.

Ice infested waters affect navigation characteristics.

When navigating in ice conditions:

  • floating seamarks are unreliable
  • radar information may be distorted
  • lighthouse sectors may be distorted
  • position over ground must be regularly determined
  • be ready to stop on short notice
  • manoeuvring characteristics may be affected

Bear in mind that floating seamarks are unreliable and often missing. Ice conditions may lead to misinterpretation on the radar screen. Snow and frost may distort sector lights. The position shall be determined in the usual way even when the vessel is being assisted by an icebreaker, or is proceeding in an ice channel. The vessel shall be ready to stop if, for example, the vessel ahead is stuck by ice. Ice may prevent the vessel from turning as calculated.

Read instrucions for the officers of the watch.