Alandia Insurance’s contribution for a safer working environment

Loss Prevention work at Alandia Insurance aims to diminish the number of accidents at work. As part of our loss prevention profile the ”The Safest Working Place in Shipping ” has been awarded 2006 to 2016 amongst our customers The purpose of the award has been to encourage  a positive attitude regarding the possibilities to diminish the risks of accidents.

Alandia Insurance continues to encourages everyone to try to attain a safer and healthier working environment. From 2017 onwards our policyholders will be able to apply for a contribution for their own projects  that promote a safer working environment and diminish the risk of accidents. Together with the employees and the employer we wish to create productive, safe and healthy working environments where the employees thrive.

Alandia Insurance is looking forward to receiving your application in which the person in charge of the project is named as a contact. The application for the Alandia Insurance contribution should include the following information:
- The person in charge of the project
- Description of the project
- Timetable, estimation of the total cost and the purpose of the project

The contribution will be granted twice a year. In 2018 the dates are 3.4.2018 and 15.10.2018.

Please send your application by e-mail to or by mail to Alandia Insurance, Statutory Accident Insurance Department, Pb 121, 22101 Mariehamn. If you have any questions, please contact Milla Soininen by telephone +358-18-29 000 or