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Preventing Occupational Accidents

About a million accidents occur in Finland every year. Of these, 130 000 are classified as occupational accidents resulting in a sick leave of about 15 days on average. Each year, about 40 persons die in occupational accidents and another 40 in traffic accidents during work hours.  Each year, about 4 000 occupational diseases occur. The most common diseases are hearing defect caused by noise, skin diseases and musculo-skeletal disorder.

Since the beginning of the year 2000, occupational accidents have mostly taken place in the manufacturing and construction industries. Accident frequency is highest in the construction industry where about 80 accidents occur per one million work hours. In the manufacturing industry, the corresponding frequency is about 50 and in the maritime sector the corresponding frequency is higher; about 55 accidents occur per one million work hours.

Accidents and violence was the fourth most common cause of death among the Finns. The most common cause of fatal accidents is falling. Poisonings are also common and use of alcohol is often part of accidents. Almost one third dying in an accident has been intoxicated. Deaths caused by the heat in the sauna, poisoning, drowning and coldness most often occur in a state of intoxication.

Alandia Insurance offers Statutory Accident Insurance and leisure time insurance for the shipowners’ sea- and shorepersonnel.  We aim to diminish the number of accidents and encourage everyone to aim at a more secure and safe environment both at work and at home.