Worker’s compensation pension

The injured person is entitled to claim a workers' compensation pension after one year from the date of the claim event, if his or her ability to work is assessed to have deteriorated by at least 10 per cent due to the injury.

The assessment of deterioration of the ability to work takes into account the injured person's remaining ability to earn income in such available work that the injured person reasonably can be expected to perform. In this case, the injured person's education, previous activities, age, place of residence and other comparable factors are taken into account.

The causality between earnings and the claim event is investigated in determining deterioration of the ability to work.

The maximum workers' compensation pension is 85 per cent of the annual earnings until the injured person turns 65 years of age, after which it will be 70 per cent of the annual earnings.

The accident pension due to an accident at work is paid to the injured. The accident pension is taxable income.

Accident pension due to leisure time accident is co-ordinated with other statutory insurance benefits to which the injured is entitled.

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