Accidents at leisure time

Report the injury immediately to your supervisor, superior or employer and fill out the accident /occupational disease notification form.  A certificate of insurance shall not be issued for leisure time accidents.

Compensation for leisure time accidents follows the same compensation practices as the compensation for accidents at work with some limitations, defined in the Workers' Compensation Act and the terms of the insurance. Costs for medical care and the cost of institutional care due to leisure time accidents are compensated according to the public rate in accordance with the Act concerning client fees in the social- and healthcare. Costs exceeding this amount can be compensated according to agreement when there is a justified reason.

Compensation for leisure time accidents should at first be applied from Kela – the social insurance institution of Finland or from the workplace union. From the daily allowance the compensation paid according to the Finnish Health Insurance Act or by the workplace union is deducted. There is no deduction in daily allowance in the accident insurance for self-employed persons. 


Apply for compensation from kela

Apply for compensation here


Workers' Compensation Act

We recommend that you fill in the notification with a computor instead of a mobile device and that you use Chrome or Firefox.

Notice of Occupational Accident/Disease