Accessibility statement

This website is subjected to the law of Provision of digital services. For those websites that exercise authority accessibility should be made available, meaning they have to offer equal possibilities of use for everyone.

Executive status

The website have to meet the criteria of WCAG 2.1 on level AA at the latest of 23 September 2020. At the moment the website meets the criteria of accessibility to a satisfactory degree. 

Alandia has commissioned an evaluation of the website’s accessibility and is continuously working on improving it.

Non-accessible content

There is some lack of accessibility on the website which isn’t compliant with the law of Provision of digital services. 

1. Web pages

  • Text description on images missing (SC 1.1.1.)
  • Title in tables missing (SC 1.3.1.)
  • Several links to the same page created ambiguity (SC 1.1.1. and SC 2.4.4.)
  • HTML-elements are controlled by rules on the page and not via stylesheet/CSS (SC 1.3.1., SC 1.4.4., SC 1.4.5.)

2. Form

  • Alternative (alt) text to image missing (SC 1.1.1.) 
  • Same content is repeated in the form (SC 2.4.1.)
  • Change of line is used inaccurately in listings (SC 1.3.1.)
  • Field labels are missing in form (SC 3.3.2.)
  • Title-attribute missing when field labels cannot be used (SC 1.1.1., SC 1.3.1., SC 3.3.2., SC 4.1.2.)
  • Title markings missing or have been used for form data (SC 1.3.1.)
  • Form uses repeated ID:s for data fields (SC 4.1.1.)
  • There is no HTML-element that is controlled via stylesheet (SC 1.3.1., SC 1.4.4., SC 1.4.5.)
  • Form only uses language support for its latest version of XHTML (SC 3.1.1.)

3. PDF 

  • A uniform use of page headers and footer are missing. (SC 2.4.1. and 3.2.3.)
  • Language support missing. (SC 3.1.1.)
  • Index and bookmark missing. (SC 2.4.1.)
  • The adjustment control is not uniform. (SC 1.3.1.)

Preparation of this accessibility statement

This statement has been issued on the 23rd of September and is valid until further notice.

Response and contact details

Alandia welcomes any comments on improvements in regard to the accessibility of the web site. Please send your response and ask for more information on

Follow-up procedure

If you don’t receive a satisfactory reply on your enquiry within two weeks, you may report it to the Regional State Administrative Agencies in Southern Finland, the authority that supervises the accessibility or via email to