Condition survey by Alandia Marine - Ports and terminals

Condition survey

General cargo unloading.
Ingå, January 2007.

Ports and Terminals Insurance

Alandia Ports and Terminals Insurance is constructed taking into consideration all the risks that a port or terminal operator is exposed to within the complexity of today’s trade. Every port is unique, hence we can offer a bespoke product fitted to your needs.

Furthermore, several ports today are involved in e.g. logistics and dispatching why perils of these aspects can be covered in the insurance policy. Even property, piers and loading units can be included in the policy covering unforeseen claims, weather damage and engine damage.

Other elements of cover may include defense costs.

Examples of what the insurance may cover

Legal and contractual liabilities including, but not limited to:

  • Negligence on or about the facility
  • Damage to ships and or cargo
  • Property in care, custody or control
  • Hired-in plant
  • Injury to third parties
  • Diving operations
  • Pollution clean-up costs

Cover is available for physical loss or damage to:

  • Buildings and contents
  • Warehouses and other structures
  • Wharfs, quays, jetties and piers
  • Craft and floating equipment/plant
  • Cranes, forklifts and other lifting equipment
  • Vessels
  • Property in transit

Cover for consequential financial loss

  • Business interruption/loss of income
  • Removal of wreck/denial of access

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