Freezing. Regarding: Small vessels


There have been casualties involving vessels left without continuous supervision during the winter and without taking into account that there may be rapid weather changes with temperatures below zero or that power cuts may occur. Such situations may cause a heater to stop and damages to cooling system and pipes when the water freeze. In case preventive action is not taken this damage can be extensive and, at worst with the sinking of the vessel as a result. The damage is usually discovered when the temperature rises above zero degrees and damaged frozen pipes start to leak.


During winter time, especially when vessels are laid up and when the vessel is left unattended, safety measures should be taken to prevent freezing causing damages. Damages can easily be prevented and unnecessary expenses saved by closing the bottom and over-board valves when the vessel is left unattended. Before longer lay-up period it is recommended that water systems are drained and/or additives are used to prevent freezing.

We recommend that your vessel’s condition is regularly followed as weather changes and when there are major changes in temperature. The vessel should be kept under daily supervision.

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