Hot works

Conversion in drydock.
Landskrona, september 2009.

Focus areas

We work on several levels in supplying knowledge and experience to our assureds; e.g. through surveys and company visits, seminars and by continuously collecting and gathering information. We work closely with our assureds and adjust to the needs of our clients.

  • Surveys and Visits

An important element of loss prevention is surveys where the surveyor, appointed by us, visits a vessel and ship-owner in order to thoroughly examine the operation and together with the ship-owner highlight areas of risk. Most of the surveyors we co-operate with can be found in our Alandia Marine List of Correspondents.

  • Seminars

We arrange seminars where we emphasize current topics within the shipping industry connected to our assureds operating activities. When selecting topics to our seminars we are always keen to listen to our client’s suggestions. Every year, in April-May, the Åland Maritime Day is arranged where we invite guests to our Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar.

  • Circulars and Instructions

We compile circulars with current industry issues as well as instructions with important information regarding loss prevention. These instructions are developed based on current claims information and trends observed by our claims department. Please visit our Library to read our circulars and instructions.