"Minimize your loss"

The annual event Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar took place in the Congress Center Alandica in Mariehamn on the 1st of June 2017. We welcome you back to next year´s seminar which will be arranged on the 24th of May 2018.

Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar 2017

The annual event Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar took place in the Congress Center Alandica in Mariehamn on the 1st of June 2017. The topic of this year´s seminar was “Minimize Your Loss”

The seminar was opened by the Director of Alandia Marine Jan Limnell who welcomed everybody to the Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar. Mr. Limnell talked about the state of the H&M market, which today has an overcapacity but there are some signs indicating a change. Alandias underwriting results are at the moment fairly good in the light of decreasing premium volumes. The claims frequency trend is downwards at the moment, but the accidents that do occur seems to be of more serious nature. Alandia has appointed a new Chief Digital Officer that will lead Alandias digitalization project. Tony Karlström has taken over the position as Managing Director of Alandia.

In the first session of this year´s seminar Faz Peermohamed from Ince &co LLP, London gave his presentation “Getting Emergency Response Right - Protect Your Bottom Line”. Faz Peermohamed shared some of the experience that he has gathered during his career. Mr. Peermohamed underlined that key decisions are required in an early stage of a response, which can have critical legal and financial implications. Mr Peermohameds presentation focused on different case studies in which he has been involved and the importance of ensuring a sophisticated legal emergency response. Faz Peermohamed also provided the audience with practical measures to use in order to protect the crew following an incident.

For the second session Alandia had invited Captain Rikard Sahl from the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority and Chief Engineer Fred Hansson, Claims Executive at Alandia to talk about Marine Accident Investigations. Mr. Hanson started the presentation by giving the audience a brief historic background to Marine Accident Investigation stretching from the Mesolithic age to the present day. Fred Hansson and Rikard Sahl presented the purpose of investigating accidents, which is to clarify; what actually happened, why did it happen, and how do we prevent similar accidents in the future. Mr. Hansson and Mr. Sahl also described how and when accident triggers the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority to open an accident investigation.

In the third session of the seminar Tomas Lindberg , MD, from Shipgaz Training and Captain Kim Heiniö, MD, AlMare Consulting had a presentation on the topic “Training your crew”. Mr. Lindbergs presentation focused on how the Shipgaz educational platform works and the security features that are needed in order to gain flag state approval. Mr. Lindberg also gave an introduction on how to use the platform. Kim Heiniö presented an introduction to the Hatch Cover Inspection and Maintenance Course which uses the Shipgaz platform. Mr. Heiniö spoke about how the course was designed in cooperation with Alandia and Shipgaz and what the learning objectives were and the outcome of the course.

For the forth session of the seminar Martin Hernqvist, MD, ALL Academy international AB gave a presentation on why do incidents and accidents occur? Mr. Hernqvist focused on the impact of attitudes and culture on maritime accidents. The presentation covered the importance of competency but also the contributing factors in accidents. Martin Hernqvist shared his views on authority and assertiveness as well as challenge and response.

Mr. Hernqvists presentation also stressed the importance of understanding culture differences when it comes to the power difference between ranks in the marine business.  

The seminar was summarized by Tom Sviberg, Business Area Manager of Alandia Insurance who concluded the main points from the presentations and welcomed the audience back to next year´s seminar which will be arranged on the 24th of May 2018.

Thereafter a short prize giving ceremony followed. The Åland Shipping Association awarded two shipping students with a scholarship and there after the Finnish Shipowner´s Association awarded two senior seafarers with gold medals for their work in the Finnish merchant fleet.

The seminar was closed by Lars Janlöv, Loss Prevention Officer at Alandia Insurance who once again concluded that another successful seminar had been arranged.


The annual Aland Maritime Day started in 2001 and in 2003 Alandia Marine became a partner in the event organization. The Maritime Day also includes the Maritime Exhibition arranged by The Åland Shipping Association, a DNV-GL Shipping Seminar and other seminars directed towards the maritime industry.  There is also a “Shipping Policy Seminar” hosted by the Government of Åland. 

The event is still expanding and is an important meeting place for people in the maritime industry. About 1 000 visitors are expected to the Aland Maritime Day with some 60 exhibitors and about 30 speakers in different parallel seminars during the day.

Do you or your company want to be an exhibitor? You may find more general information about the Aland Maritime Day on sjofart.ax.

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