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Casualty Management

Alandia Marines policy is to work closely with the insured and we prefer to be contacted as soon as possible when a casualty has occurred or is about to occur. This would give us the possibility to assist the client in assessing the extent of the casualty and take the measures needed to safeguard the vessel and crew and to secure any possible claims.

A casualty or a liability imposed on the ship-owner is often a product of one or a series of circumstances that often can be related to human factors, technical malfunction or extreme weather condition. Even if there is a sudden and unforeseen event, the circumstances often form a process or a pattern in the different stages of the casualty.

The different stages of the casualty

  • Circumstances prior to the casualty where the normal operational and loss preventive routines apply, but an unforeseen event happens.
  • The damage occurs and is followed by the critical phase when averting further damage where many, often quick, decisions have to be made, communication lines has to be established, authorities contacted and other measures taken in accordance to the general guidelines of the management or ship-owning company .
  • As the situation stabilizes the critical phase progresses to a more routine phase, i.e. controlled planning in how to continue with e.g. repairing the damages and secure any possible retribution.
  • A conclusion is to be made, i.e. the damage is repaired, any possible third party resources are collected and a financial closure is made with the damage to be paid and a claim on damages is posted to the insurer.
  • The event is analyzed in order to gain experience and to prevent a similar event from happening.

A casualty and the proceeding events may involve several elements that each individually has  to be dealt with  and thus  it is important that the insurer is contacted immediately in the event of a critical situation. The insurer will assist the insured and safeguard his or hers obligations towards the insurer according to the terms of the insurance policy. The insured has a duty to notify the insurer and a  duty to avert and minimise loss.