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Claims Service

The Alandia Marine Claims Service Team consists of qualified and experienced specialists with nautical, technical, juridical and insurance expertise. In order to be able to service our clients’ efficiently, members of our team can be found at our offices in Mariehamn, Helsinki and Stockholm.

One of our most important missions is to assist in order to keep vessel operations running with a minimum of disruptions in the event of a casualty. Our objective is also to always have competent and experienced staff available in order to maintain good insurance practice.

When a casualty has occurred or is about to occur

When a casualty has occurred it is essential to immediately establish the cause and to decide what measures need to be taken. Our Claims Service team has a wide spread international network of professional surveyors available ready to assist when and where a casualty occurs.

It is of great importance that any significant damage is surveyed as soon as possible in order to establish the cause and examine the extent of the casualty but also to ensure any claims against third parties, e.g. collision liability, general average or claims from a cargo party where no necessary liability lies within the vessel. The information collected is also of importance when making the final adjustment and closing the matter according to the terms of the insurance policy.

Because of the above, it is important that the master onboard records each and every event thoroughly and objectively as events proceed and that said information and documentation is easily available for a surveyor assigned by Alandia Marine.

The claims handling process is facilitated when the insured, besides informing  of the nature of the claim to Alandia Marine, also informs us of relevant facts such as which authorities have been notified, the condition, position, destination of the vessel, type of cargo on board if any, contact details and other to the situation relevant details.

The master is the person ultimately responsible for the safety onboard the vessel and shall in an emergency, where time may have an impact, never hesitate to act as he or she considers best in order to save the crew and cargo.