Condition survey Dry Cargo unloading

Condition survey

Dry Cargo Carrier unloading.
Mäntyluoto, February 2007


Cargo & Liability

Alandia Cargo Insurance is goods insurance primarily aimed at middle size producing- and agency companies in Sweden and in the Aland Islands.

The insurance covers all means of transportation both in and outside Scandinavia. First of all the cargo insurance is economical protection in case the goods is damaged during the transportation. We do our utmost to give you the best service of the market, no matter whether our customer is a company or a private person - this is natural for a company that has been specialist in marine hull insurances since 1938.

We know you need prompt replies concerning quotations, or when you need additional insurances - and most of all, when any casualties occur.

Contact us - we give you service when you need it - immediately!