Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar, 24th May 2018

Mark your calendar Thursday 24th May 2018. It is the date for The Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar in connection to the Maritime Day on Åland.  

The Maritime Day on Åland offers seminars, networking and exhibition for the maritime cluster. The event is since more than a decade established as one of the more important maritime event in the Nordic with participators from the Nordic countries and the Baltic as well as other parts of Europe. More than one thousand visitors are expected to attend during the day.

Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar and Maritime Day on Åland

Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar takes place on the 24th May 2018 in Congress Center Alandica in Mariehamn starting at 13:00 hrs.

The modern technology of the maritime industry today utilizes computerized decision-making support systems. This is one step in the direction to remote controlled ships and further to the vision of unmanned autonomous vessels. A few years ago the autonomous vessel was only a vision, today it is about to become a reality. The autonomy is seen as a possibility for maritime transport to meet today’s and tomorrow’s competitiveness, safety and sustainability challenges.

With this in mind the main theme for the Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar 24th May 2018 is “Autonomous vessels – Opportunities and threats”.

Preliminary topics are “Autonomous ships – the next step”, “Marine insurance”, “Unmanned Ships – The new ecosystem of sea freight” and “Maritime Cyber Risks – Where should we focus?”.

The presentations are held in English by invited expert speakers.  

Dinner for invited guests will traditionally be arranged in the evening.

We will return with our invitation and a more detailed program in February 2018.

The Maritime Day

The Maritime Day includes a Maritime Exhibition with exhibitors from the shipping industry, such as shipowners, suppliers, maritime schools and other maritime organizations. Several seminars are arranged during the day, such as a Nordic/Baltic Shipping Policy Seminar with invited politicians from the Nordic countries, DNVGL seminar and more.

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Exhibitor - The Maritime Day on Åland

Maritime Day at Åland - Alandia Marine