Superior Loss Prevention

Superior Loss Prevention

Loss Prevention - Monthly Theme

To be able to foresee or prevent what may happen, the complexity and relationship between various factors in the event of an incident must be understood. At Alandia Loss Prevention, we consider every eventuality. We are a well-groomed team of captains, naval architects, engineers, lawyers, pedagogues, mathematicians and economists.

Our team has solid knowledge in global shipping, ship management and marine insurance. Alandia is a marine insurance entrepreneur with large resources and extensive expertise. We provide you with precise and accurate analyses. On a solid foundation, with more than 80 years of experience in marine insurance, our client promise is to meet the highest level of risk management needs.


tug boat at port

Tug ops - Towage

Towage operations are carried out by tugs in various situations. In order to ensure that vessels involved in such towage operations will have the right insurance protection, we have gathered some useful information regarding the standard forms of contract as well as information about the insurance cover for vessels involved in towage.

Cyber security


With increased digitalisation comes new challenges. Cybersecurity is one of the areas where shipping is facing new challenges. The maritime industry has been slow to adopt cybersecurity in their IT and maritime operations.

Hatch cover

Hatch Cover

With hatch covers being crucial for the safety of the ship and cargo, it will be understood that hatch cover inspections are important and need to be carried out in a professional manner. In order to reduce the risk of wetting damage to cargo and...

man in dry dock

Dry docking - contractual liability and best practice

For shipowner, the dry docking is probably the single largest costs with very high risk profile, therefore effective planning and management are indispensable to maintain safety and minimise costs and time out of service. 


Useful pointers for the management

In these unprecedented times, it is important for the management to act proactively in order to ensure the safety and health of the employees, both shipboard and shore side. 

lay-up of ship

Guidelines on lay-up of ships

Alandia recommends classification societies guidelines on lay-up of vessels to be used when a vessel is laid up. Depending on lay-up condition (hot or cold), planned lay-up time and location, different degree of measures is to be considered.

Communication about mental health

Communication about mental health

Effective communication is important but it is likewise important that we dare to communicate about sensitive subjects — the subject we should communicate more about is the seafarers´ mental health. 


Navigation and gender equality

This month we focus on navigation and offers a new podcast about gender equality. 

IMO 2020

IMO 2020

The global Sulphur Cap is now reality, and every vessle need to comply.

Claire Pekcan

Human factors - fatigue at sea

Life at sea makes it harder to sleep appropriately, but causes of fatigue are not only external factors that we can not control. Our Loss Prevention team have spoken to an expert in the field of fatigue at sea, Dr Claire Pekcan, Director at Safe Marine.

winter theme

Alandia winter theme

During the winter season there is an increase of some claim categories, especially on the northern latitueds. Learn more about freezing, inbound vessles and Antonovsky´s Sence of Coherence in our monthly theme.

Safe mooring

Safe mooring

Safe mooring- with focus on snap-back incidents and communication.

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