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A publication for Alandia´s marine customers


Horizon is a publication for Alandia´s marine customers. In this publication, we want to tell our customers who we are and what we stand for.

In this first issue we have articles abour Claims, Cargo insurance, Underwriting, Loss Prevention and much more. Enjoy the magazine. 

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Alandia is an insurance company with focus on Marine, Cargo and Pleasure Craft insurance. With over 80 years of experience Alandia provides superior marine insurance expertise and claims service to its customers by creating long-term relationships in a committed and accountable way. Headquartered in Aland islands and with offices in Helsinki, Stockholm and Gothenburg. Alandia employs approximately 115 professionals.

“The Nelson Way” means that customers come first

Alandia Team Leader and Senior Underwriter Jan Nelson is the product of a mill town, sports, curiosity and the kind of pragmatism that flourishes among ordinary, decent people. 

The case of the damaged tug engine

Read about the strength of a team where all members are on the same page and able to contribute in their own area of specialty.

Lars Laitinen

Cargo insurers prepared for anything

Cargo insurance is something Alandia has extensive experience of. No two transports are alike, and the conditions at the loading site can differ substantially from those at the destination. Read about the skilled work our colleagues’ are doing in this article.