Alandia Marine monthly advice. Plan your bunker operation.


Plan your bunker operation.

Safe bunkering operations require careful planning.

An implemented and properly used “Bunkering Safety Check-list” is a necessary tool to prevent unexpected events.

Bunkering is a cooperation process involving many parties.

  • The bunkering operation to be performed in accordance with bunkering instructions and international rules
  • Before and after bunkering, make sure that the quantity and quality of the supplier’s fuel conform to the order placed
  • Take fuel samples in accordance with valid international rules and store the sample bottles (min. 2 bottles) in accordance with the shipping company’s instructions
  • Proper communication to be established between the vessel and the fuel supplier
  • Engine room and bunker station to be manned
  • Do not mix new and old fuel unless their compatibility has been verified
  • Verify that red signal flag is hoisted and/or bunker light is switched on
  • Start bunkering cautiously and increase the flow slowly until the desired flow has been reached
  • Test the communication between the bunker station and the bunker valve centre now and then
  • Hot works are prohibited when fuel or other inflammable liquids are bunkered
  • Bunkering to be registered in the oil record book
  • Test the bunker before use

Read more: Instructions for engine room officers.

Plan your bunker operation