Alandia Marine Insurance Day - Autonomous vessels – Opportunities and threats

"Autonomous vessels – Opportunities and threats"

The Marine Insurance Seminar was hosted by Alandia Marine and arranged for the 26th consecutive time on 24th May 2018. Next Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar will be arranged on the 9th of May 2019.

Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar 2018

The Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar took place in the Congress Center Alandica in Mariehamn on the 24th May 2018. The topic of this year´s seminar was “Autonomous vessels – Opportunities and threats".

Here follows a short summary of the presentations made at the seminar.

“Redefining shipping - towards zero waste”
Oskar Levander, Concept & Innovation, Rolls-Royce Marine
  • At the Maritime Day in 2015, Oskar Levander gave a presentation on “A vision of the future ship and marine safety” concluding in that the most fundamental change in shipping will be the development to unmanned ships. Today the vision is about to come true. Mr. Levander presentation focuses on digitalization and environment as marine trends of today. The change is driven by digitalization and the demand for reducing waste. He defines 7 types of waste in shipping including optimising the operation. This development leads to several changes in the shipping industry including remotely operated vessels with a high degree of automatization.

  • Presentation in pdf

“Unmanned ships - Legal Challenges and Developments”
Henrik Ringbom, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law
  • Henrik Ringbom gives an overview of different aspects of maritime law when talking about unmanned shipping. In this respect it is important to identify and differentiate automation versus autonomy. Further Dr. Ringbom discuss the level of manning versus level of autonomy in respect of fully autonomous. The central question is “who is liable?” when the decisions made are transferred from the crew onboard to a land based remote control or even to fully autonomous vessels. As a conclusion there is a complex regulatory exercise ahead especially on the international level and by IMO.

  • Presentation in pdf

“Unmanned Ships – The new ecosystem of sea freight”

Magnus Gustafsson, Åbo Akademi University
Mika Viljanen, University of Turku

  • The development of unmanned ships is driven by making sea freight of goods more cost effective. Magnus Gustafsson and Mika Viljanen are involved in a research project aiming to give advice how to improve the sea freight business ecosystem for short sea shipping, primarily in the Baltic Sea region. One conclusion is that when removing crew and decision making from a vessel, at some stage this leads to change of risk flow. The risk is borne by those who can control it and the allocation of risk will likely change when autonomy is introduced.

  • Presentation in pdf


“Maritime Cyber Risks – Where should we focus?”
Lars Jensen, CyberKeel
  • Cyber threats and cyber-attacks are here to stay. Lars Jensen expands on what the maritime industry should focus on when it comes to cyber risk. Mr. Jensen gives a few examples on actual maritime related incidents, among other the Maersk incident with complete loss of all their systems. The conclusion of the speech is that it is necessary to change the cyber risk awareness from top management down to individual users. Mr. Jensen recommends best practice to be followed in accordance with the IMO “Guidelines on maritime cyber risk management” and having a contingency plan for the “worst case” scenario developed.

  • Presentation in pdf

The Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar 24th May 2018 was opened by Jan Limnell, Director, Alandia Marine, with a few words about Alandia Insurance focusing on marine insurance.  The seminar was moderated by Lars Janlöv, Loss Prevention Manager, Alandia Marine. The afternoon was summarized by Tom Sviberg, Business Area Manager for Hull & Machinery at Alandia Marine.

Next Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar will be arranged on the 9th of May 2019.


The annual Aland Maritime Day started in 2001 and in 2003 Alandia Marine became a partner in the event organization. The Maritime Day also includes the Maritime Exhibition arranged by The Åland Shipping Association, a DNV-GL Shipping Seminar and other seminars directed towards the maritime industry.  There is also a “Shipping Policy Seminar” hosted by the Government of Åland.

The event is still expanding and is an important meeting place for people in the maritime industry. About 1 000 visitors are expected to the Aland Maritime Day with some 70 exhibitors and about 30 speakers in different parallel seminars during the day.

You may find more general information about the Aland Maritime Day here.


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