Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar 2015

Ship Safety in a Changing Environment”

On the 21st May 2015 the Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar was arranged the 23rd year in a row, as a part of the Aland Maritime Day in Mariehamn. The topic for this year’s seminar was “Ship Safety in a Changing Environment” and the shipping community gathered to give their view on the development and future of ship safety. 195 persons registered for the seminar this year, which is an all-time high.  


Opening and Welcome

Jan Limnell, Director, Alandia Marine

The seminar was opened by Jan Limnell, who wished everyone welcome and briefly updated the audience on the organizational changes within Alandia during the last year and the plans and challenges for the future. The financial situation and key figures of Alandia Marine were also presented.


Ship Safety - Legislative Development During the Last 20 Years

Örjan Ellström, Swedish Transport Agency

Mr. Ellström gave a brief retrospect on the regulatory developments in respect of ship safety after the MV Estonia accident in 1994. He also took a future perspective and reflected on what future ship safety regulation may look like. Ship safety can be further improved by means of goal-based standards when setting new regulations and by applying risk-based supervision. The goal for future ship safety regulation in Sweden is to create modern rules and effective supervision. Accidents at sea may be prevented by encouraging shipowners to implement a good safety culture.

View the presentation as pdf.


The Safest Working Place in Finnish Shipping 2015

Milla Soininen, Alandia Statutory Accident Insurance

As a part of the Alandia Insurance loss prevention profile ”The Safest Working Place in Finnish Shipping ” has been awarded amongst our policyholders since 2006. The award acknowledges commitment to occupational safety and emphasizes the importance of loss preventive actions.

The recipient of the award of 3000 euro is Godby Shipping, who has managed to strongly reduce the number of reported accidents onboard in proportion to the number of employees. We congratulate Godby Shipping for their achievements and wish them good luck in their further loss prevention work!


A Vision of the Future Ship and Marine Safety

Oskar Levander, Rolls-Royce Marine AS

Mr. Levander gave an inspiring and forward-looking presentation on his view on future ships and marine safety. Information technology and ship intelligence enable the collection of a lot of data, that already today among other things can help optimizing performance and monitoring equipment condition. Ship intelligence could also be used to enhance situational awareness on the bridge and create an augmented reality and to increase reliability and usability. By further automation of processes human errors and accidents could be prevented and dangerous working areas avoided. The ships of tomorrow could be unmanned, remotely controlled and autonomously operated. This would reduce costs, as the crew could possibly be operating several ships simultaneously from ashore and the crew spaces onboard could be removed. When it comes to safety and technology shipping can also learn more from other industries, such as the aerospace industry.

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When Damage Occurs - A case study

Torolf Strandberg , Claims Executive, Alandia Marine

Mr. Strandberg talked about his experience from handling the case with the grounding of MV Wilson Newport in October 2012. The Chief Officer fell asleep on the night watch and the vessel went heavily aground in the Greek archipelago. There were several contributing factors that gave rise to the accident, amongst them that the watch alarm had been switched off, that the Chief Officer lacked adequate amount of hours of sleep and that the look-out had been engaged in other duties. The presentation had an overview of the developments in the case, from the background factors, to the initial actions taken by the parties involved (Owners, authorities, insurers and correspondents), the signing of the salvage contract and the refloating of the vessel.

View the presentation as pdf.


Panel Discussion - What can be done to improve safety onboard?

Facilitator: Leif Nordlund, MD, Alandia Insurance

The panel, which consisted of representatives from shipowners, underwriters, authorities, surveyors, engine makers and class societies discussed what could be done to improve safety onboard and what factors are driving changes in safety regulation. The panelists were: Jan Limnell (Alandia Marine), Örjan Ellström (Swedish Transport Agency), Oskar Levander (Rolls-Royce Marine AS), Andreas Remmer (Viking Line), David Wendel (DNV-GL), Torolf Strandberg (Alandia Marine) and Marcus Schwaeppe (SCUA Hamburg).