Terms for use of the website

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Area of application and the right to changes

Alandia Insurance’s webpages are made for getting to know our company, our products and our services. Alandia Insurance has the right at any time to change these terms and the content, layout and accessing of the webpages and services, without any separate information about this. We aim to always keep the information updated and correct.

The information on these webpages is, unless otherwise is clearly stated, general of its nature and as such not applicable to individual cases.

The immaterial rights on the webpages are owned by to Alandia Insurance.

Alandia Insurance’s limitations of liability

The marketing of Alandia Insurance’s products on the website is not to be regarded as a quotation, offer or accept unless otherwise is clearly stated. Some of the products are only available for persons living on the Åland Island or in Finland and companies based on Åland or in Finland. Questions are answered by Alandia Insurance over telephone or e-mail or by visiting one of our offices.

Alandia Insurance is not liable for technical errors on the webpages or for indirect or direct damages caused by the use of the website.

The user’s responsibility

The user is responsible for that the data submitted by him is correct and that it reaches the receiver. The user is allowed to use the information on the webpages for his own personal use, all other use in against the law unless Alandia Insurance has given written consent for the use. In all cases where the webpages are quoted the source must be stated.

Services supplied by a third party

Alandia Insurance is not liable for the content in webpages that are maintained by others than Alandia Insurance but that can be reached by links from Alandia Insurance’s website.

Applicable legislation

Finnish legislation is applied to the content on these pages unless something else is stated.