Tony Karlström Alandia Insurance

A safe harbour in stormy weather

We have been in the market since 1938 and our success is to a large degree built on a close and personal relationship with our customers. We are therefore specialists in marine- and leisure boat insurance.

Professional catagories

Alandia Insurance is a stable and secure employer. Within the group of companies that make up our corporate group there are several lines of business. This means that there are a number of different professional roles within Alandia Insurance, each of which requires different types of education and professional expertise.

Marketing & Underwriting

We sell insurance to both businesses and private individuals. For insurance to private individuals, the professional role is referred to as ether a Salesperson or an Insurance Advisor. As an advisor or salesperson, give you advice about and sell insurance. You meet with our customers either at one of our offices, on the telephone, or by personally visiting the customer.

Within Marine insurance, the salesperson is referred to as the Underwriter. In this situation, the customer is a company – a shipping company. An underwriter is the person who makes a risk analysis, i.e. assesses the risk of a loss occurring, and based on this, determines the terms and conditions for the insurance coverage.

Claims Management and Loss Adjustment & Measures to preventive damage

The claims adjuster is the person who deals with the customer when a damage resulting in a loss has occurred. The claims adjuster assesses the damage and investigates who or what has caused the damage, and then ensures that the customer receives the amount of compensation they are entitled to under the terms of the insurance coverage. Alandia Insurance’s strength lies in fast and competent settlement of claims where the customer has a person they can speak with locally, an individual who has the knowledge to settle the claim.

Within this area, work is also carried out to attempt to prevent damage. We research into “why” and “how” damage is incurred, and inform our customers about what they might do in order to prevent damage arising.

The professional role Pension Processor is found in the Pensions-Alandia subsidiary and this person process applications for retirement pensions, family pensions, partial pensions, early retirement and disability pensions.

Business development and product development

We are constantly working to further develop and improve our products, and we periodically launch completely new products at regular intervals. We also strive to reach out to entirely new markets with our products in.
Within the this area, one finds professional roles such as Marketing Managers and Business Segment Managers, who have responsibility for the entire product and market areas. To assist them, they have Business Developers and Project Managers who work on specific projects.

Support units and functions

In order that our business operations will function efficiently, there are a number of support functions within such areas as:


We develop the majority of our business systems and therefore have several employees who work with systems development in their professional role such as Systems Developer. Within the IT department one also finds people who work with support both with in-house developed systems as well as purchased IT systems. One finds here the professional roles such as ICT Managers and IT Technicians.

Finance Department

Our Finance Department serves all three companies within the Group with the preparation of financial reports, accounting/bookkeeping, and information for annual/quarterly reports. One finds here the professional roles such as Accountants and Business Controllers.

Our employees in Customer Support are our public face and the first persons our customers encounter when they contact us by phone or visit our offices in Mariehamn.

Investing and investments

The Investing Division manages the assets in the form of equities, bonds and other interest bearing financial securities for the all of the Group companies. These investments are managed by our Portfolio Managers. In addition, the corporate group owns several properties in Mariehamn plus a few in Stockholm. The management of these properties is taken care of by professional roles such as property managers and property caretakers.


We insure large sums and for the purpose of spreading the risk, we share it with other parties in the insurance industry via a variety of reinsurance contacts.  At our reinsurance department, one finds professional roles such as Reinsurance Accountants.


Mathematicians/actuaries assist our organisation by making calculations regarding premiums, pensions, reserves and solvency.

Legal Department 

Our Legal Department supports the entire the corporate group in both corporate legal matters and business legal matters. Company Lawyers and Maritime Law Lawyers work with these issues.

In addition, there are also functions such as the Human Resources Department with professional roles such as HR Specialist, Marketing with the professional role as Marketing Manager, and Internal Auditing with the professional role as Internal Auditor.