History to take you forward

Marine Insurance is foremost a question of experience and service

At Alandia Marine we benefit from 80 years of experience. Originating from a long history of seafaring we can offer the security and service to take you forward.

Alandia Marine monthly advise - Plan your bunker operation
Plan your bunker operation

Safe bunkering operations require careful planning.

Alandia monthly advise.

S&P Global Ratings (S&P) affirms Alandia Insurance’s credit rating ´A- Outlook Stable´

S&P Global Ratings (S&P), the pre-eminent corporate ratings agency, has affirmed the rating ´A- with stable outlook´ for Alandia Insurance in...

Managing Media in Crisis Situations

Today, news is spreading within minutes after any event of importance. For a company whose good reputation is at stake it is important to meet the...

Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar, 9th May 2019

Mark your calendar for Thursday 9th May 2019. It is the date for The Alandia Marine Insurance Seminar in connection with the Maritime Day on Åland...